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Fostering Female Talent is Better than Recruiting

It goes without saying that women play a central role in the workforce. Companies that aren't openly working towards re-addressing the balance are at risk of missing out on their own employees' talent potential, marginalizing their customer-base and damaging their own reputation, as well as their...

(Lack of) Confidence in Correctly Assessing Candidates

 Talent acquisition professionals fear that they are losing out on qualified job candidates by relying on traditional applicant screening methods. Only 20 percent of 520 recruiting professionals said they were fully confident in their employers' overall ability to effectively assess the skills of entry-level applicants using...

7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Blank Moments

We’ve all been there: We’re on deadline, but our minds and bodies refuse to get going. These days go by many names, including writer’s block, creative block or dry spell. Here are a few ways to harness those blank moments and still make them count. 1. Acknowledge it Two...

Ahoy ! All aboard !

For years we've been passionately driving change in the industry through talent development activities. Recruiting, training, appraisal systems, change management, technical skills, fresher mentoring - we've been involved in every aspect of the human capital management. In this journey, we've learnt some, done some. We've helped...