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Why every company needs investment in technology that empowers HR 

An article from Economic Times specifying Why an organization should consider investing in the technological upliftment of their HR team.

What does a growing company demand? I would say elevated levels of productivity, hugely engaged teams and a culture that encourages innovation. As a CEO of a travel technology company, my constant deliberation is how well our products connect with our clients. But, businesses do not create value, people do. And therefore, I rely on my human resources team to achieve this vision.

Rapid technological advancements have given a kick to our growth trends by automating most of the complex business processes like client relationship management, feedback management. The explosion in analytics and with artificial intelligence knocking at our doors, my suggestion would be to equip our HR team with modern technology so they could manage both business needs and employee expectations.

Investment in an Intelligent Human Resource Information System
Attracting and getting talent onboard that qualifies the job criterion and fits company culture is indeed a strategically well-thought process and our dynamic environment compels short turn around. In such a scenario, Application Tracking System for Talent Acquisition is a saviour since it handles everything from job adverts, videos, analytics, interviews, personality and technical assessments, candidate ratings, background verification to onboarding.

The best part is that it also promises a high-potential talent database for future recruitments. Storing employee information in physical