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6 Technological Trends that redefine Human Resource Management

Technology has completely redefined the role of human resources all over the world. Recent advances in technology have transformed nearly every aspect of HR. An article from finanaceonline explains how this advancement is helping the HRs to redefine their Focus.

The world of technology and mobile computing has made the concept of “traditional workspace” a thing of past. Today, employees can work from anywhere at any time. Technology has completely redefined the role of human resources all over the world. Recent advances in technology have transformed nearly every aspect of HR, right from sourcing to performance management. Some industry experts opined that technology is one factor that is impacting the HR department to a great extent.

The wave of technological transformation impacts the organizations in two ways- Firstly, it would offer numerous tools to better manage and engage the talent in organizations. Secondly, it is helping HR managers to shift their focus from managing workforce to driving profits to the company.

Impact of Technology on Human Resource

The following are a few technological trends that bring a major change in human resources management software and industry:

Big Data Powers Organization

Ensuring compliance and avoiding risk are the two key underlying aspects for every function and task. However, technology has transformed the monotony through HR platforms that digitize the information human resource needs. One such technological trend is Big Data, which is helping HR professionals to understand their customers, market to target audience group and communicate with prospective customers. When integrated with other technologies, Big Data helps to gain a deep insight and allows HR professionals to make decisions powered by vital information.

Big Data gives HR managers a fact-based view of the current workforce, and helps them to identify emerging trends. Moreover, analytics helps recruiters assess potential employees and let you make better risk management decisions.

Mobile Apps are the Future

Smartphone is likely to dominate the HR landscape this year. As the workforce across various operations seeking access to applications via mobile devices, companies are considering to adapt their HR systems. Delivering this kind of functionality implies that organizations will consider HR applications with mobilization process and the interface that employees are looking for. More on, the trend of creating applications that streamlines the basic HR functionality continues to evolve. Today, mobile apps have become essential for every application that a company develops.

Social Media – A powerful tool

Social media plays an active in HR today, especially when it comes to recruitment. Around a quarter of employers are using social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn to recruit staff. HR departments can use social media not only for recruitment and also for employee engagement. It is considered as a prime source for companies to reach their HR goals.

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