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How Companies Are Coping With The Rise Of Employee-Review Site Glassdoor

Employees may not be true in their reviews on employee-review site Glassdoor. These reviews may spoil the image of company built over a long period of Columbusian-efforts. A Forbes article discusses the strategy and steps taken by various business heads to swing the wind of dissatisfaction to their favour.

On December 28, a disgruntled worker at Grand Rounds, a five-year-old San Francisco firm that helps companies connect employees with doctors, wrote the following on Glassdoor, a Yelp-like website where people post reviews of their jobs: “Senior executives tout the importance of approachability at company meetings but in reality, there are clear hierarchies, multiple executive assistants as gate keepers, and an unhealthy dose of arrogance.” The writer also clicked the “disapproves of CEO,” and the “doesn’t recommend” boxes and gave the five-year-old company a rating of just two out of five stars.

Though 97% of Grand Rounds’ 57 other Glassdoor reviews are positive, CEO Owen Tripp believes it’s important to make it clear to potential employees that he takes complaints seriously. On January 12 he posted a response: “Thanks for taking the time to offer your feedback,” he wrote, adding that he hoped the worker would set up a face-to-face meeting to discuss his concerns. “Please shoot me an email or just swing by my desk,” Tripp added. “Hope to chat soon.”

Tripp’s approach is not typical, though an increasing number of companies are realizing they can’t ignore Glassdoor reviews, especially negative ones. Founded by three Expedia veterans in 2008, Glassdoor is the fastest-growing jobs site, according to Comscore. Based in Mill Valley, CA, it has more than 11 million employee reviews for a half million companies,

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