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Measuring RoI of Training & Development

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. And, you cannot measure because you do not know how to measure. Most of the organizations find it difficult to measure the Return on Investment (RoI) of Training and Development. The lack of clear measures of RoI of training and development has done the great damage to both training providers and training seekers. Training providers do have numbers to prove the worth of training and hence the training industry has not been able to achieve its place in the service and manufacturing industry.

One of the intellectual barriers to measuring RoI of training and development is the inability to identify the variables that are going to be affected directly or indirectly and in short term and in long run. There are then attitudinal barriers that block professionals in this field to put head and heart to find out ways of calculating money worth of training.

Shefali Sachdeva, a Ph.D. scholar has tried to put the RoI issue under the microscopic lenses to analyze the barriers, challenges, literature review and developed some insight on the measurement of RoI of Training and Development.

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