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How AI is making HR functions smarter

Artificial Intelligence (AI), which represents an area in technology that simplifies the way we do things, is being increasingly adopted while carrying out HR functions. Though they can never replace the human element in human resource management, AI machines are gradually developing the intelligence that is necessary to source the right fit or predict the next move and help HR professionals take intelligent decisions. Let us explore how AI is becoming a game changer in the talent acquisition sector.

Screening candidates

Recruiters have to go through a vast number of candidate profiles and depend on manual processes, where they screen profiles and set up in-person discussions. An intelligent AI-enabled screening software can bring about much difference in this arena. By analysing the necessary intricacies and past success factors in a particular job profile, the software can find the most suitable set of candidates with the required skills, experience and cultural fit for the organisation. Industry giants like SAP, Facebook, IBM and Hilton Worldwide have added such analytics to their sourcing mechanisms and redefined the hiring experience completely.

Interviewing candidates

On an average, recruiters spend 30% of their time in scheduling and interviewing candidates. Reports reveal that more than 50% of the candidates don’t hear back after submitting their resumes through traditional corporate pipelines.

AI machines can figure out the right fit and engage potential candidates in an efficient manner. Intelligent machines that deliver custom-made messages to potential candidates enable recruiters to focus on their time in swiftly closing offers.

Onboarding employees

There is always an uncertainty in the period between the offer acceptance and the joining date of the candidate. AI could play a key role in engaging and

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